photo (1)photo (2)I have always been a curvy girl. While in high school and college I was very self conscious about my weight and body. As I graduated from college and started my career teaching, I had accepted my body and it’s size. I was happy and confident with where I was in life and had “settled” for my body. I would randomly pretend to diet, but exercise routines were short lived because I hate…HATE…working out. Part of the reason I hated it was the stamina I felt like I could never build. I felt so out of shape when I started that I immediately felt defeated. This all changed the day I accidentally took Mike’s class. (I had a gym membership that I had used once in 3 months…Whoops!)

Music is a love of mine and while I didn’t know the dances that day, I knew every song and was HOOKED. I started taking the class because it was fun. The dancing was addicting! As a side effect of my addiction, I was sleeping better, my stress level decreased, AND my body started to change in a way I have NEVER seen before. My pants were all too big, my belts were all too big to hold up my too-big-pants, and everyone was noticing. While friends and family were all noticing my body’s transformation, I was shocked when I started looking at old and current pictures. I guess it’s so amazing for me because I didn’t change my diet at all. I just added dance into my diet! I have, very excitedly, danced my way from a size 12 to a size 6! Hip Hop has taken me from bridesmaid to bride while having fun. I can’t thank Mike enough for the transformation of my body and mind.