Hip Hop Fitness is a dance fitness format that can be found in central Ohio. It can be found in Gahanna, Westerville, and now Grandview.

Phlex Aphliction Fitness (MAIN LOCATION)
965 East Johnstown Rd.
Gahanna, OH 43230

20 Collegeview rd
Westerville, OH 43081

Sweat Box
935 King ave
Columbus, OH 43212

Hip hop fitness is a fun way to help you improve and maintain the shape of your body, while at the same time giving yourself a well toned look. Hip hop fitness combines well-choreographed dance moves to help you lose your pounds, led by a qualified instructor. The benefits of such aerobics are many. It helps burn calories in the body and helps reduce fat making you healthier. In addition to this, hip hop fitness also strengthens your immune system making you less prone to all sorts of diseases and illnesses. Attending these classes regularly would result in reduced levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.


Cash or Check
Drop-In Rate: $7.00 per Class

Regular Monthly Membership: $35.00 per month
*For Hip Hop Fitness

Private Group Classes Available!

Grab some friends and have your own Fitness Class ~ on-site or at your home or work.
$50.00 per Hour $25.00 each additional 30 minutes (class sizes 0-25)
$75.00 per Hour $25.00 each additional 30 minutes (class sizes 25 & up)
*Proper equipment must be provided, call for details