About us

How will you use the day to further your fitness goals?

How we do it?

Phlex Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s an all-inclusive group fitness program where members are challenged and inspired in a fun atmosphere. Whether it’s the widely popular, 1200 calories burned on average HipHop Fitness class, muscle madness boot camp, 30 minute core strengthening abs class or group personal training sessions, our program will get you moving and sweating in ways you never thought were possible.

Under the direction of Michael Nicholson (owner, certified group fitness instructor, choreographer, artist), classes are led by knowledgeable, motivating instructors who have your best interests and personal goals in mind. In addition to the fun atmosphere, there is a sense of community and buddy system at Phlex where not only are the instructors providing motivation and holding you accountable, your fellow class members are as well.

  • We burn over 950 calories per workout
  • We play the hottest Hip Hop tracks available
  • We make fitness fun for the whole family
  • Our classes run about an hour each
  • We love what we do!

The Phlex Fitness Philosophy

Hip hop fitness is a fun way to help you improve and maintain the shape of your body, while at the same time giving yourself a well toned look. Hip hop fitness combines well-choreographed dance moves to help you lose your pounds, led by a qualified instructor. The benefits of such aerobics are many. It helps burn calories in the body and helps reduce fat making you healthier. In addition to this, hip hop fitness also strengthens your immune system making you less prone to all sorts of diseases and illnesses. Attending these classes regularly would result in reduced levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.


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