March 6, 2015
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March 14, 2015
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She gets it!!!


95 lbs. down since May 2014…I was going to try to do 100 lbs. but my doctor and hubbie advised that it’s cool to stop here (gotta keep it a little thick for my man smile emoticon )…Now I’m committed to a life of maintenance and wellness. I promised a before and after pic, so here it is…after pic on the left, before pic on the right…the before pic was taken in the fall of 2013…

Now to answer the FAQ’s I’ve been getting about my weight loss/wellness journey…

1. How did you do it? 

Contrary to popular belief, I did not have gastric bypass (there have been rumors that I have…) no surgery…I started eating clean (fruits, veggies, water water water, baked chicken and fish, whole wheat, high fiber…cheat day on Saturday)…I also found a workout I ADORE…Hip Hip-Hop Fitness M.Nicholson…those classes CHANGED MY LIFE and got me ALL THE WAY RIGHT!!! The key to fitness and exercise is to find a fitness program/routine you love and enjoy (I try to do some sort of exercise 6 days a week), and Hip-Hop Fitness is a workout that I’m literally addicted to..Mike Nicholson and his instructors are PHENOMENAL!!!

2. What was your motivation? 

My doctor told me I’d be dead by 50 if I didn’t lose weight…I had SEVERE health issues (sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart issues, anemia, pre-diabetic, depression…)…So I didn’t go on this journey to get into a size 5 (of which I’m not in now…I wear a 12 and am satisfied with that…) but it was literally a life or death situation for me…It feels good to be able to walk a flight of stairs without doubling over out of breath…I want to see my sons get married and hold my grandbabies one day…I had to make a change smile emoticon

3. Inspiration?

I must say, Niki Mackey Welch, Miara Pack, and my mother Gwendolyn Walker inspired me to stay strong on my wellness journey…these women are my angels and wellness accountability partners…My husband Dione DeCreealso showed me love and support – he never “fat shamed” me or ridiculed me for gaining 100 lbs. since we married almost 10 years ago (now that’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE)…instead he reminded me of how much he loved me and how beautiful I am…he wanted me to be WELL (not “thin” but WELL – there’s a difference) and he has been my greatest support this entire journey…I’m so in love with him heart emoticon It’s important to have support and accountability when reaching any goal in life…finding loyal people who are truly for you, and not against you…makes a difference..I’m truly blessed!!!

This post was not meant to boast or brag, but to inspire…If anyone needs help, support, and/or motivation starting a journey to wellness, feel free to contact me…we’ll walk this thing together smile emoticon



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