Don’t let others murder your dreams

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January 23, 2015
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February 9, 2015
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Don’t let others murder your dreams

I enjoy and love to do a few things. A few of those things are dance, fitness and helping people. A few years ago I stopped doing a lucrative graphic design business to pursue these other passions. That’s when I decided to do the M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness program.

When I shared with some people what it was I wanted to do. The first initial response was a giggle. When they would giggle I smirked. This was to mask any dis encouragement I might have been feeling at the moment of their laughter. It happened so much that I began to get used to it and the smirk developed to a full on laugh. They would normally follow after their laughter with the question of “How will you make a living?” “You can’t make a living doing that.” “Why don’t you just do Zumba that’s what everyone’s doing and no one wants to do hip hop fitness.” I began to laugh at their retorts.

The reason why I began to laugh became clear to me. I realized that these people didn’t think like me. They saw things in black and white and ignored the hues. There were a lot of criticism thrown at me. I just realized that their critic was coming from a place of fear. I began to think to myself that maybe my dreams and aspirations were making them uncomfortable for the simple fact that I was passionate enough to pursue my dreams. When people have that type of problem. That’s theirs not yours.

Don’t let the teasing and taunting stop you from pursuing your dreams. Fast forward to today. I’m grateful for where we have gotten to with the M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness program. Some of the people who laughed now all of a sudden began to incorporate hip hop fitness into their programs or do it. Along your journey. You will encounter those who will foster your dreams and assist you. I’m thankful for all of those people for their support. #fitness #motivate #encourage #dream


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